Happy New Years from me and origami Plo-Koon!

Happy New Years from me and origami Plo-Koon!

Happy New Year! Here are my instructions for… Drumroll….


Sorry I cant post this at midnight, I’ll be at a New Year party.

If you get stuck, just ask! By the way, step 1-3 is the same folds from the Yoda in Tom’s first book. And when you fold the flaps out on step 6, make sure they fold DOWN and DONT look like ears.

Here is the front and back:

Embo frontThe back of Embo


Origami Battle Droid and very important question!

Origami Battle Droid and very important question!

Hey everybody! Here is my final (probably) design for my Battle droid. He is different from my prototype model, which I deleted. His arms are a seperate piece of paper.

Just so you know, my friend recently became a webmaster, origamimasterah (no, not from OY.com). He will be posting once a week.

Finally, I need to know what origami instructions you guys want for New Years! Better vote quick, it is tomorrow!



Hi everybody, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Today is Christmas and I’ve been having a TRIANGULAR day!

I got GREAT presents (Lots of Minecraft stuff, S.W stuff and Origami paper!), but now I have a gift for you: INSTRUCTIONS FOR MY ORIGAMI ENDERMAN!!!!!!!!

The votes (in the 1,000 views party) were actually tied between Plo-Koon and the Enderman, but I decided to save Plo-Koon for something bigger. On the left of the instrux is what the Enderman should look like, and I specifically made it in white.

BTW, the legs are a seperate piece of paper. When you fold the legs, keep tweaking them so it matches the size of your Enderman.

Merry Christmas, and if youre having trouble, just ask me in the comments!

I’ve said this a thousand times now, but, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

The Greedo Grinch VS. The Santa team (LAST DAY OF THE ADVENT)

The Greedo Grinch VS. The Santa team (LAST DAY OF THE ADVENT)

Hello, SFs! Today is the 24th, and Christmas is tomorrow! I am so excited! I know I wont be able to sleep well tonight. Today is the last day of the advent, starring…

The evil GREEDO GRINCH! On the left is Greedo Grinch, who is trying to take over CREASE-mas.

The two other Characters are Santa Plo-Koon and Santa Enderman, who are battling Greedo! Why? Well, he is trying to destroy CREASE-mas!

Yesterday was the last day to vote in the party, and I now know who I will make instructions for. I will post him later on today, and I will tell you why in the post.

TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Merry (one day early) Christmas to all, and May the Folds be with you!



Its an Abominable Wampa! Today is the 23rd, and we have an Abominable Wampa, based off of the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

The Wampa is to pieces of paper, the body is 6 folds, the head is 8.

Today I had to fold this quickley, because I just from my friends house, and we decorated our house (in Minecraft) for Christmas! It was fun!

Remember, tomorrow is the last day to cast your vote in the party. By the way, you can vote for one thing once, but vote once for unlimited things. The party is here: https://scoutnando.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/1000-views-party/

There are only TWO days left! I cant wait!

On the 22 day of Christmas…

On the 22 day of Christmas...

A reindeer cow! Today is the 22 day of Christmas, and it is something Moo-velous!

While Santa Yoda has his Taun-Taun reindeer, Santa Enderman has Reindeer cows!

On the left is the reindeer cow, which is Kiri-gami. One cut, and the head is gluetaped on. The Creeper is the same Creeper previously on the site, with an oversized Santa hat.

He is trying to fool the reindeer cow into thinking he is Santa Enderman, but the cow isnt fooled. He kicks the creeper with his back legs, and the chase begins!

3 days left, and make sure you cast your vote in the party before Christmas, which is here https://scoutnando.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/1000-views-party/