February Origami Contest: Week 1

February Origami Contest: Week 1

Hi guys! For this month’s contest, we will be having a new rule system. You can submit not just Star Wars and Minecraft origami, but ANYTHING!!!!!! Examples are: LEGO, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, or any other origami. This will let you be more creative with your contest entries. Other than that, rules the same. Good luck!



Hey guys! SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon here (yep, I am back for today). There has been some technical difficulties with the judging. Because of this, I will post the winners mixed between mine and Origamimasterah’s judging.

1ST PLACE: Sf Tyler!

2nd place: Dark Palkia!

3rd place: Chippy Slusher!

Honorable mentions:

Moochaels pig (a great peace of folding in 3D)

LTROCK’S Chewbacca (Comes with data file about Chewie)

LTROCK'S CHEWBACCA!  With data file!

LTROCK’S CHEWBACCA! With data file!