Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a fantasic Easter! Scoutnando here this is (was that Yoda talking?) and I got some news for yall.

So, I now have my camera again so be expecting origami. Be expecting a lot of Minecraft origami.

I have now reached 50 subscribers! YAY!

M.T.F.B.W.Y, and fold on!


April Fools!

The post below is a joke!  Sorry if it was a mean prank to play, but it was the only good one (all my others were REALLY lame and I doubt any of you would fall for them).

But, actually, that post is semi-correct.  I wont be on here as much.  But I hope you all have a good day.  

Also, SF Hansel, if you are reading this, how was I ever mean to you?  All I asked was for you to take off the cover for my EU story.  How was that mean?  I didn’t call it lame, its epic, I just want my own title.

P.S Mojang (thankfully) turned evryone back to normal.  😀


Goodbye evryone…

Everyone, I am sorry to announce that I am leaving.  As you know, I am now a Youtuber, and I want to spend more time on my channel.

I am dropping this site to work on my channel, because that, for me, is more fun.  I might post occasionally, but not much.  Besides, my absence wont make a difference now that firk is back.  I am sorry everyone, but I am now offically gone.

Oh, btw, Minecraft is having technical problems, so EVRYONES skin is a villager!  And it makes villager sounds when you do stuff like mine or fight mobs.  IT IS SO STUPID!  I cant wait for mojang to fix this mess!  #hatevillagersnow.


May the force be with you…


-Zach and Plo-Koon