Hi Guys!


Jek - 14

Hello Superfolders! Here’s a photo of my newest version of Origami JEK – 14. Mostly I just wanted to say hi because I hadn’t posted in a while, but I also have something that I think is a little more interesting. Just recently, a second season of The Yoda Chronicles started. Only now its on the Disney Channel due to Lucasfilm being bought by Disney. In the comments, post what YOU think about Disney owning Star Wars. See you later!

May The Force Be With You!


Anyone up for a… ORIGAMI MARATHON???

Hello everybody, SF Zach and Origami Plo-Koon here!

I’ve had this idea for awhile now, that I would make an origami maraton, posting origami daily, and see how far I could get them daily.

Well that should be starting up soon! I will do my best to post a piece of origami EVERY DAY. And when I miss a day, it wont matter, I will continue the next day (or as soon as I can).

Also, here is another part:

You guys can send in all the origami you want too! Send them in! My Email is


Just email them to me and leave a link! They will be up there!

The marathon wont be starting until I get back from my scout Camp, so sometime around August.

So, see y’all when I get back!

P.S Were so close to 15,000 views! If we get there there will be several new surprises!

I have returned! With Art-2!


Hey everybody what’s up, this is SF Zach an origami PLO-Koon here. And I have returned from bring dormant. I will post origami more now, and hopefully get the site running again.

Anyway, here is an origami Art2D2! He is an old version, and I am working on a better version.

Anyways, we are soooooooo close to 12000 views! 12000! That’s crazy! So all I have to say guys is thank you so much for stickin with me, even web I was gone. You guy are the best.

Peace out, and may the force be with you!!

Contest is FINALLY done!

Before I start this up, I would like to sincerely apologize for this taking so long. I’ve just been really busy, but also lazy, and I never got it done. So I apologize.

Second, I have to tell you how hard it was to judge these. Truly, each one of you is so special, talented, and amazing. These origami make the Origami masters (such as Van Jahnke and Kawahata) look bad. You guys are great. ALL OF YOU deserve to get first place.

But alas, there can only be one winner. And even if you didn’t win, don’t be sad. You always have next time. And each time you fold, you get better and better, so eventually you will most definitely win!

So, take a HUGE round of aplause for our winners!

1st: Tylers Yoda!
2nd: Hansels Boba Fett!
3rd: Camsters Jabba da Hutt!