Should I just leave?

The title explains it all.  I have basically already left, but yet I still want to keep posting.  I have been really busy, but that isnt the reason why I have been absent.  I have lost interest in Origami.  Yes, this is true.  Youll probably be mad at me for this, but its pretty much accurate.  I have folded a lot of stuff in the 5 years I have been folding, and its just, not as enjoyable anymore.

I love the SF community, which is why I may not be gone for ever, but just for awhile.  Perhaps I will pick up origami again, or maybe I could turn this into a drawing blog or sumfin.

Which brings me back to my question for you guys (although there is probably no one who looks at this blog anymore)

Should I leave?  Or should I try to stay?


Minecraft LIVESTREAM on THIS Saturday, Dec. 20 3:00 PM eastenrn standard time

Watch this video for info:

I will get right into it. This saturday, at 3:00 PM eastarn standard time, i will be having a LIVESTREAM for Minecraft. It will be a ton of fun, and I will be playing with all of you guys who come.

If you dont know what a livestream is, it is basically a video, but you see everything live, you can message me and i will se it right away, basically it is just awesome.

To watch it go to twitch,tv/ScoutnandoYT, or this link

To watch it, just go to that link when it is time and it should say “Live now” and click on that icon to watch. I dont think you need a twitch account, but if u do it is SUPER easy to make, and if u do make one, if you could follow me that would be great.

Also, 3pm eastarn standard time IS NOT 3 pm everywhere. Like 3:00 pm eastern standard time is 1:00 pm mountain time. If you dont know what time 3:00 pm eastarn standard time is for you, ask your parents.

I usually dont ask you guys to watch my videos or look at my origami, BUT PLEASE COME TO THIS STREAM! PLEASE GUYS, YOUR MY ONLY HOPE. It will be a TON of fun, and I will get to play with you guys. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask me.

Please come, itll be a ton of fun.



Today is the one year annivarsary of our site, Origami Yoda 2.0!!!!!!  WOOOO PARTY!

I just got back from Disneyland, so thats why i, SFZach&Origami Plo-Koon havent been posting…

Anyway, I will post some origami soon, and some stuff from disneyland!

And, for our BIRTHDAY SPECIAL, I have been brainstorming, but need your help!  Please tell me in the comments below on what you think we should do!

MTFBWY, always 😀


Hey guys!  Guess who’s back?  ME!!!!!!  SFZach and, of course, Plo-Koon, right along with me!

First off, I want to sincerely apologize to you guys for being REALLY inactive.  One thing went to another, and I either couldnt post, was to busy, power outage, no camera, just total chaos.

But it wasn’t just me being busy, I was just not in the mood for origami.  I didn’t fold, I was drawing, but nothing Star Wars or Minecraft or anything.  I just lost my touch, probably since I was so busy that I just never had the time, and when I did have time, I just didn’t.

So I am sorry for that, but as much as I would like to fold and talk with you guys all day (Yeeha!), my personal life has to come first.

I am still really busy, not even close to as busy as before, but I am still trying to finish some of my personal stuff.  So your probably wondering, why are you back now?  Why not just wait?

Well, you can thank PICKLETINE!  I read it, twice, then again.  Then I folded Pickletine.  Then somewhere as I was folding, I returned (This may not make much sense, but basically I started folding again XD).  Once again, Tom’s books have changed my life.

And from now on I am gonna keep this website rolling!  Origami contests, The Marathon (Thanks OrigamiMaster12, you have been a HUGE help and an amazing friend) and just some, oh I cant wait to say it, I havent said it for SOOO long….


Anyone up for a… ORIGAMI MARATHON???

Hello everybody, SF Zach and Origami Plo-Koon here!

I’ve had this idea for awhile now, that I would make an origami maraton, posting origami daily, and see how far I could get them daily.

Well that should be starting up soon! I will do my best to post a piece of origami EVERY DAY. And when I miss a day, it wont matter, I will continue the next day (or as soon as I can).

Also, here is another part:

You guys can send in all the origami you want too! Send them in! My Email is

Just email them to me and leave a link! They will be up there!

The marathon wont be starting until I get back from my scout Camp, so sometime around August.

So, see y’all when I get back!

P.S Were so close to 15,000 views! If we get there there will be several new surprises!

I have returned! With Art-2!


Hey everybody what’s up, this is SF Zach an origami PLO-Koon here. And I have returned from bring dormant. I will post origami more now, and hopefully get the site running again.

Anyway, here is an origami Art2D2! He is an old version, and I am working on a better version.

Anyways, we are soooooooo close to 12000 views! 12000! That’s crazy! So all I have to say guys is thank you so much for stickin with me, even web I was gone. You guy are the best.

Peace out, and may the force be with you!!