The Fold-I Files

This is where I will be posting my own books/case files, the Fold-I files.  Will be updated SOON!!

Until then, check out my other case files, the Bounty Creaser files, on the EU!  Here is the link for book 1:, then hover over ‘classic case files’, and click on ‘A New Fold:  An origami Plo-Koon book.




  1. 1. Yes, it takes place in mcquarrie.
    2. Yes, there are. Most of the ones from the rebel alliance from jabba.
    4.No, this is seperate from ‘A New Fold’, ‘The Empaper Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Fold-I’, which will be on the EU. It is totally seperate.
    5. It depends, I could make him just a tiny character, but I would rather him be someone who helps me (spoiler alert), who is also trying to bring down funtime.

    Oh, just so you know, im in it, and I am disliked by everyone except Dwight and Sara, my character loves to fold origami, and i am introduced right before Jabba the P.

  2. You asked about including Erik in the story on my site.
    Answer: Sure, but in a very specific way. Answer these questions first:
    1. Does the story take place at McQuarrie?
    2. Are any characters from the OY series in it? If so, which ones?
    3. If it is at McQuarrie, do any parts take place in the library?
    4. This is the second book(The Empaper Strikes Back), right?
    5. What sort of a part would you want Erik to play in the story?
    Oh, yeah, and here’s some facts about Erik:
    ~Loves to fold origami
    ~Is a resident McQuarrie 8th grader; knows about Origami Yoda and the events that happen in the series
    ~Is introduced during the time of The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett
    ~Is disliked by Tommy and the gang(except Dwight), but forms a reluctant alliance with them
    ~Forms separate alliance of 8th graders against FunTime

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